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इस धरती ने हमें अनेक उपहार के रुप मैं खूबसूरत
नदी : हमारी प्यास बुझाने के लिए

पहाड़ औऱ पेड़ पौंधे : ताज़ी हवा व खुबसुरती के लिए

फिर भी हम लोंगो क़ो शायद धरती कि क़द्र नहीं रही

इसलिए निरंतर चारू तरफ़ पोलुशन फैला रहे है

वृक्षों क़ो काट रहे है जान के भी इनकी उपयोगयता अनजान बने है

हमें लगता है मात्र हमारे बदलने से क्या होगा

आशा करते है इस अर्थ डे ( Worlds Earth Day) के उपलक्ष में अगर पेड़ लगा नहीं सकते तो कमसे कम पेड़ो क़ो जलने / उजड़ने से बचाये . प्लास्टिक कम यूज़ करें

कचरा हटा नहीं सकते तो घटा जरूर सकते है

इस मैसेज क़ो जरुर शेयर करें हो सकता है हम नहीं तो कोई औऱ जाग जाए .

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Rent Payment - We can Save our Tax using this option this could be city to city different (Part of House Rent Allowances - HRA). It will be %age of Basic+DA

Medical Allowances & Travel Expenses  - Your employer can provide you this facility for your benefits. You suppose to ask your organization.

Expenses- Could be part of Tax Savings like Tuition fees of your 2 Children's,Insurance of your family (husband/wife & Miner childrens) are also part of your tax saving.

Investments - You must do some investment which will build your corpos and protection. Tax Saving FD, Mutual Fund, PPF, NSC & Life Insurance.

Home Loan - Principal & Interenst both are will also help you reduce you tax eligibalities.

Medical Insurance - for Self and family part of additional Tax benefits.

Pension Schemes - NPS - National Pension Scheme like Atal pension Scheme will provide you additional Tax benefits

Donation of Some selective charities.

Income Tax Slabs Rate
Up to Rs.2,50,000 NA
Rs.2,50,000 to Rs.5,00,000 5%
Rs.5,00,000 to Rs.10,00,000 20%
Over Rs.10,00,000 30%

An anniversary is a good occasion to look back on what we have done.
We can do this with satisfaction and happiness because we try have always do a very good efforts to achieve.
We try to be a one of the best Free Classified Website specially for India and therefore we are want to send you warm wishes.