When you are planning to sell your old home appliances you have to  check or analysis used appliances, there are many variables that go into setting an accurate resale value. Before posting your advertisement on myadsite.in.

Home appliances myadsite

Before post for sell your used air conditionar,fridge,washing machine,furniture etc. make an correct valuation of your home appliance. If it too old and scratched mentioned that clearlly and take that picture for upload. Before sale make the replacement of miner parts. be honest about the working condition, and price it accordingly. Along the same lines, if an home appliance has only been used a handful or rarely uses of times, tout that as well. Honesty is always the best policy, no matter what you’re selling.

Comparisons with current  market price of the product
Check current price of home  appliances rmay be that is comes with low price in market. Put details like your appliances' make and model ,brand , year of manufacture information. Invoice and other warrenty card details keep with you also highlight good features and services  which you like about the appliances.

Basically, the asking price is a starting point for negotiation. Before setting the price for a used appliance, keep a lowest pruce in your bag. Note buyer will alwsys expect to get negotiation so get prepare for counteroffer you have to be complete information about appliances. If you looking for a quick sale.


If you are living in the India and looking for a fast and convenient way to sell your mobile-tablet and mobile accessories through online there is a simple answer is that you can do that on www.myadsite.in. We will help you to get quick response.

At www.myadsite.in, we are here to help you. We give all customers the ability to sell their old/unwanted mobile, tablet and phones via our convenient user friendly process.

Guide to get good price
1.Clean your mobile or tablet.
2.Bring your device on proper sun light get attractive pics at least 2 to 4 from different angle.
3.Go to myadsite.in and click and post button fill your best title : brand,model,age of the device.
4.On description try to describe fault if any on the device on this process you will get genuine buyer.
5.Try to add complete information about you if possible.
6.Put attractive price.

The entire process is as easy as 1,2,3.
This is done now to sell your mobile,tablet and phone, via your own myadsite.in a company.

Just follow the instructions that are provided by myadsite.in each stage in the process. You’ll receive prompts guiding you through each step, so that it’s easy to follow and simple to understand.

We tried to this efficient process is designed to make your life easier. Since the myadsite.in system dramatically streamlines the process of selling a mobile,tablet and phone online, using it today will be a peaceful way to put some cash in your pocket.

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Why Choose myadsite

We all probably upgrade our smart phone on a regular basis, with a mind to accessing improved performance, ultra-modern style,upgraded os and an array of cutting-edge features.

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In World history never get such big response for any Mobile pre-order registrations

THAT IS APPROX 5 Cr Approx but Company promised 25 lakh units only.

Company also promised will start delivery of the Smart phone Freedom251 by mid of the April'16 to end of june'16.

Process will be start as a FCFS (First come first serve bases)

Its now you time to sell your old phone on www.myadsite.in its a Free Classified Ad posting website.
Sell,exchange and donate your used books and notes online at www.myadsite.in its become more easy.
Don't make pile of books and notes at your store which can be a source of earning.
Don't sell such valuable things to KABADI.
Sell and Earn use this money to buy new books which will increase  your wisdom.
Knowledge sharing is good habits.

4" Qhd ips Display
1.3 Ghz Quadcore processor
1 GB Ram
8 GB Internal  32 GB expendable
3.2 Rear Camera
0.3 Front Camera
1450 Mhz Battery

Renovation: Our general tendency is that we never care about old things which we planning to sell this is our presumption.

Note on this reason we always getting less price while selling any old things. We don’t want to spend a rupee for those things which can improve valuation.

But we explain you how to get better price of your House – Flat – Apartment by just spending less amount and get extra money on your deals. Which will matter; we think so.

i.e if you are planning to sell your product at 1,00,000/- then you have to spend 10% more for renovation of your House – Plat – Apartment. And post 20% extra 1 Lac + 20% that is 1, 20,000/- which will get more buyer interest apart.

Key areas of Renovation your House – Flat – Apartment:

1.Try to paint your belonging with modern colour.
2.Check all Sanitary fitted and make servicing is required.
3.Check all door locks and make them functional because byer entry comes from door.
4.Scrub Till Shine old and stain items should be stain free.
5.Decorate all the rooms with modern looks. You can take the help of Website related to interior designing.
6.Electric switch and lightning.
7.Gardening outside and inside will attract byer.
8.Kitchen ladies buyers first priorities comes from kitchen ensure that should be neat and clean.

Documents: Ensure that all the documents should be ready before posting advertisement on http://www.myadsite.in  given few check list of documents which will help you.

1.Chain of all previous seller should be validated and verified.
2.Check all dues related to House Tax, Electricity bills, Water bills and make 1 or 2 photo copies of all the documents and share it if required.
3.Ensure that there should not be any legal concerns if any you have to share the detail before going to deals
4.Loans: if there is any pending House loan is running check if you want to repay or buyer wants that transferred.
5.Try to attach any legal person (dealer) in between if you are not familiar with such transition.

Now your House – Flat – Apartment is ready to sell
1.Take attractive pics from different angle
2.Full fill complete information about like:  No’s of Rooms, Kitchen, Terrace, floor etc.
3.Share Localities good things like : Near Temple, Near playground, Park facing etc.

Post Your Ad FREE only premium ads are paid
Myadsite.in will provide you few interesting tips to get better price ideas for your ad post.

1.Check if there is any outstanding of Vehicle Loan  which should be clear. And take full clearance documents from Finance company if any.

2.You know that buyers have already huge list of seemlier products in market you have to make sure your Car/Bike should be meet their expectation. So make clear the following check list
  • a.Try to Clear all Dent and scratched.
  • b.Before planning to buy you have to do a good Servicing inside and out site of your Car-Bike
  • c.Keep all records of your Car - Bike Documents (Registration Certificate, Insurance, Road Tax, Pollution, Service records etc.)
  • d.Ensure that your Car-Bike ABC (Accelerator, Break and Clutch) is fully functioning 

3.Where you can Sell your Car-Bike : today world going digitized and already Car – Bike buyer and seller regular searching on google and other Free classified website i.e http://myadsite.in/car-bikes-and-more

4.Try to give maximum and truth information about Car – Bike


5.Once your get deal finalized you have to start documentation take payment through Cash  /Cheque wait for clearance also get contact to RTO you both Buyer & Seller can take help from your friends who already own a car or dealing on such areas.

Ashtadhatu is a very sacred and pure mixture of eight metals namely, gold, silver, copper, zinc, lead, tin, iron and mercury. It is very valuable in Hinduism. Ashtadhatu is widely used for making idols of Hindu gods. The process of making the alloy is quite difficult and hence Ashtadhatu idols are is very rare to get.
A lot of polishing work is done afterwards in polishing and to make ashtadhatu idols beautiful and as natural as possible. 

Following idols are crafted out of ashtadhatu :
Lord Kuber
Lord Vishnu
Lord Krishna
Lord Rama
Goddess Durga
Goddess Lakhsmi

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