Planning to Sell your House - Flat - Apartment

Renovation: Our general tendency is that we never care about old things which we planning to sell this is our presumption.

Note on this reason we always getting less price while selling any old things. We don’t want to spend a rupee for those things which can improve valuation.

But we explain you how to get better price of your House – Flat – Apartment by just spending less amount and get extra money on your deals. Which will matter; we think so.

i.e if you are planning to sell your product at 1,00,000/- then you have to spend 10% more for renovation of your House – Plat – Apartment. And post 20% extra 1 Lac + 20% that is 1, 20,000/- which will get more buyer interest apart.

Key areas of Renovation your House – Flat – Apartment:

1.Try to paint your belonging with modern colour.
2.Check all Sanitary fitted and make servicing is required.
3.Check all door locks and make them functional because byer entry comes from door.
4.Scrub Till Shine old and stain items should be stain free.
5.Decorate all the rooms with modern looks. You can take the help of Website related to interior designing.
6.Electric switch and lightning.
7.Gardening outside and inside will attract byer.
8.Kitchen ladies buyers first priorities comes from kitchen ensure that should be neat and clean.

Documents: Ensure that all the documents should be ready before posting advertisement on  given few check list of documents which will help you.

1.Chain of all previous seller should be validated and verified.
2.Check all dues related to House Tax, Electricity bills, Water bills and make 1 or 2 photo copies of all the documents and share it if required.
3.Ensure that there should not be any legal concerns if any you have to share the detail before going to deals
4.Loans: if there is any pending House loan is running check if you want to repay or buyer wants that transferred.
5.Try to attach any legal person (dealer) in between if you are not familiar with such transition.

Now your House – Flat – Apartment is ready to sell
1.Take attractive pics from different angle
2.Full fill complete information about like:  No’s of Rooms, Kitchen, Terrace, floor etc.
3.Share Localities good things like : Near Temple, Near playground, Park facing etc.

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