Buying Guide for old Mobile

Technical Check of Mobile:

Scratch Test:
Check mobile surrounding with patience.
Screen Check: Try to increase brightness and switch off the display you will get screen issues if any occurred.
Camera & Clarity: Check both the cameras front and rear may be there is some damage.

IMEI Number:
Match IMEI number of invoice - on mobile --on sticker which will be available at battery side.

USB /charging ports:
generally we observe most of second hand phones comes with USB & Charging issue so you must check these before closing deal.

Slot of Cards:
Sim card: Sim slots needs to check properly check if phone comes with dual sim both is functioning properly and also SD Card: try to use your own SD card once.
Battery: Check battery backup at least for 10 minutes accordingly Calculate its backup. Generally old mobiles battery slightly gets down. Check also battery Slot.

Try to use multitasking apps i.e. Run Games, Video and making calling in between.

Price Checking:
Compare same product price on different users posted on classified websites.

Phone Accessories:
Check accessories of Mobile like Original Bill, Charger, Headphone and their conditions. This will also cost you if anything is missing you may ask for that or price can be negotiate

Don’t buy too low price: There may be definitely some issues on device.
Don’t buy too High priced mobile: check may be you are getting new mobile on similar price so you must go with new one instead buy old.

Negotiation: It is the last step there any one have the rights to negotiate the price.


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